Kindness is (still) King

Kids huddling together

How to raise kinder kids.

There are so many things we’d like our kids to learn, but looking around at our fractured, hostile planet (or perhaps closer still at the sibling wars raging in our own homes from time to time), it seems there is one virtue a lot of people have forgotten all about, or given up on entirely: kindness.

Yet, fortunately, far from being a limited resource, kindness is totally
renewable: in fact, the more you use it, the faster it multiplies. So in the
interests of world peace and happier homes everywhere, here are a few
thoughts on how to raise kinder kids…

1. Redefine what it means to be kind
Kindness isn’t just underrated, it’s often misrepresented too. Let’s start by
teaching our kids that kindness is not a meek or weak attribute. Rather, true kindness is the ultimate demonstration of inner strength and real security. It takes courage to be kind.

2. Show kindness – in all its forms is South Africa’s first Christian streaming service. With an ever-growing list of hand-picked, wholesome content, there are plenty of faith-based movies, series and kids shows that not only embody kindness in all its diverse forms, but inspire it in viewers of all ages too. Here are just a few for starters: Jungle Beat (the internationally-acclaimed movie and series), Heartland (the series) and Hachi (the much-loved movie).

3. Celebrate small acts of kindness in real life
Kindness doesn’t always come naturally to little people, so celebrate the small ways your kids demonstrate kindness. Let them know that being kind is not a means to an end (‘If you’re nice to Jenny, then you can have xyz’), rather let being kind be the reward in and of itself.

That’s it – three ways to make our world (and kids) just a little kinder. Why not share the love and send this post to other folks who might be in need of a little more kindness closer to home?



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